Steer Us To the Promised Land, Bubba

Bubba Watson winning this year’s Masters tournament may be just the boost that Confederate heritage folks are looking for.  Watson is the proud owner of the iconic General Lee from the “Dukes of Hazzard.”

The General Lee, like the Masters, was a dream. “I almost passed out when I saw it,” Watson said. The car is “jump ready” with roll bars, Watson said, and “it’s not like it’s easy to get into.” He did not plan to do any jumps in the car, even before he was the Masters champ.  “But I want to drive it,” Watson said in January. “I’m not going to sit like an old man and stare at it in the garage. I’m going to drive it, honk the horn at people and all that good stuff.”

Oh, he will do just fine.

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  1. Did anyone see this on Youtube? It’s a clip from the video game “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.” You get to drive a car called The General Grant. It’s blue, has the United States flag on the roof, has the numbers “76” on the doors representing 1776, and the horn plays “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Hysterical.

  2. I do not have the book with me to be able to elaborate but for those of you that have Tony Horwitz’s _Confederates in the Attic_ handy, turn to Chapter 5 and read the interview between Horwitz and Freddie Morrow. I believe it is around page 115 but I could be totally wrong. Their is an incredible dialogue about what the Confederate flag means to Freddie, who is in jail for murder over a flag dispute, and he references the flag as a Dukes of Hazzard symbol. Check it out.

  3. It was Bubba Watson and his General Lee, a couple of months back, who were turned down the opportunity to take a lap around the track at a NASCAR event in Phoenix. Dukes of Hazzard actor and former two-term Congressman Ben Jones was “outraged” over the decision. That’s good, because if there’s anyone who brings dignity and sober reflection to a contentious issue, it’s an angry Cooter.

  4. Did the car come with Daisy? I mean that is the only possible perk I could think of for having that car…and I was a fan of the show.

  5. I’m very happy a Bubba has finally won the Masters. Bobby Jones must be turning over in his grave.

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