A short puppet bio-pic chronicling the fame of Ambrose Burnside. From his failure as a Civil War General to his experimentation and innovation in the field of facial hair.  It’s quite entertaining.

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  1. One of the best facts I learned in 8th grade was about the connection between Burnside and those prodigious whiskers.

    Clever video.

  2. You think they could make a follow-up about General Hooker and the use to which his name has been put? If they used puppets, it’d still be safe for work and the kids, I think.


  3. Actually old chap, Burnside was anticipated in whisker innovation by General the Earl of Cardigan, a British commander in the Crimean war. A man of many talents, not including military command, he gave his name (in the UK at least) to a knitted jacket (or sweater that buttons up the front). I don’t know what you call it in America. So his name wasn’t available for whiskers. Another British general in the Crimean war, Lord Lucan (not the murderer, his ancestor) developed even more amazing facial hair.

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