A statue of Dred and Harriet Scott is scheduled to unveiled at the Old Courthouse in Downtown St. Louis on June 8, but organizers are still $140,000 shy of its fundraising goal.

“The memory of Dred Scott and the important shift he helped to bring about in American society is a story that deserves to be recognized and remembered for all future generations. We are appealing to individuals, corporations and foundations to help us get over the finish line prior to the June 8th unveiling on the grounds of the Old Courthouse in St. Louis.”–Lynne M. Jackson

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  1. Mr. Levin,

    Do you know if the fundraising was successful or not? Is the statue standing in St. Louis?

    As for Dred Scott and the case, are you interested in it? It has obviously received an immense amount of attention in the historiography and justifiably so, but I still find the case to be endlessly fascinating and not nearly as clear cut as is sometimes implied.

    Nathan Towne

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