Confederate Heritage is Alive and Very Hungry

Confederate Heritage is Alive and Very Hungry post image

I think we need a new narrative about the Confederate flag.  I love Waffle House! 🙂

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  • It’s good to have excitement in your life, and even better if you can work the CBF into it. Actually, Waffle Houses serve a valuable public service. FEMA uses WHs as an immediate indicator of storm damage. If the WHs in a particular area are open, damage is less than catastrophic; if they’re closed, then they know to start rolling in the trailers.

    • All I can say is, Waffle House is awesome! And I hope Jebediah got a free breakfast for the free advertising and enthusiasm. I shutter to think what he might do once they get an IHOP or Applebees

  • Still trying to figure out if this is a character ala Larry the Cable Guy after 3 watchings…


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