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Just wanted to give those of you in the Boston area and beyond a heads-up as to where I will be speaking in the next few months.  It should come as no surprise that most of these talks will be about my Crater book.  I will have books with me and am more than happy to personalize your copy.  Luckily, my schedule is still flexible enough that I can add dates if interested so please feel free to contact me.

I am also happy to talk with your group via the Internet.  Over the past few years I’ve visited a number of high school and college courses to talk about various topics related to blogging as well as my research.  Below is an example of a Skype discussion that I did two years ago with an American Studies class at Skidmore College.  The professor assigned my blog as part of their reading and after a week of talking back and forth in the comments section we got together to chat live.  I had a blast.

  • September 19: Representations of USCTs in Public History, Skype discussion with class in public history at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.
  • September 28: Appearance on Civil War Talk Radio with Gerry Prokopowicz (3pm).
  • November 1: “Black Confederates Out of the Attic”, Charleston, West Virginia (details forthcoming).
  • December 1: “Teaching Glory in the Classroom”, John Brown Lives! Educators’ Workshop
  • December 10: “Civil War Memory in a web2.0 World”, Guest lecturer for Nina Silber’s Civil War survey course at Boston University.


  • March 14-16: The Future of Civil War History: Looking Beyond the 150th,  Gettysburg National Military Park and the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College.
  • April 20: Tour of the Crater battlefield and lecture, Civil War Trust, Regional Teacher Institute (tentative).
  • May 15: Book Signing and Talk, “Remembering the Battle of the Crater”, Rhode Island Civil War Round Table, Cranston, RI.

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  • Scott Manning Aug 23, 2012

    Kevin, that is great! I had the privilege of being a guest speaker for a high school class over in England via Skype. They were all in uniform and called me “sir.” It was a great experience, as we discussed World War II and Hitler’s rise to power. Memory was a big topic, because the teacher brought me in to help explain how someone like Hitler could rise to power. Skype is a great option, as it eliminates the logistics that prevent such guest speaking opportunities.

  • Doug didier Aug 24, 2012

    1)On my iPad video stops at 18:46.. Tried working around with no success..

    2) wonder if the questions you receive at your “crater talks” would be of interest.

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