A few weeks ago I was interviewed, along with Glenn LaFantasie, at the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop in Chicago.  It was a real honor to be invited to take part in their Virtual Book Signing program.  The interview and book signing was recorded and is now available on their YouTube channel.  The store still has a few signed copies of my Crater book and I encourage you to support the store if interested in a first edition.  All four parts can be found below.

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

3 thoughts on “Interview at Abraham Lincoln Book Shop

  1. Thanks again for making the trip, Kevin. We had a good time and I think you and Glenn provided a fine interview. We do still have a few signed first edition copied of your book, and also of Glenn LaFantasie’s edited collection of John Y. Simon essays, The Union Forever, available at Abraham Lincoln Book Shop. We ship anywhere.

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