Selma, Alabama (1965)

I guess we should have seen this coming from a mile away.  In the wake of heated protests from their loyal fans Lynyrd Skynyrd has decided that they will fly the Confederate flag at their concerts.  And just in case you still question their commitment to the flag’s history and meaning rest assured:

Myself, the past members and the present members (that are from the South), are all extremely proud of our heritage and being from the South. We know what the Dixie flag represents and its heritage; the Civil War was fought over States rights.” — Gary Rossington

I guess a southern man does need him around…at least to buy those records.

In other news, the Selma City Council has voted to halt the construction of a monument to Nathan Bedford Forrest until it can be determined who owns the land on which it is to be placed.

And so it goes.

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  1. As a native Alabamian and huge Crimson Tide fan (Sweet Home Alabama is one of the songs that most riles up and unifies our crowds), I was very surprised that they made the decision not to fly it. So this reverse was expected. I am also not surprised by the “states rights” statement, as I am well aware that the battle against the lost cause has not been won (as others have maintained). In fact, I have been fighting it all semester with one particular graduate student of mine who won’t let go of his “states rights” sentiments, and is in fact a minister and high school teacher.

    Want to hear something hilarious, yet scary? A few years ago my friends and I were at a Skynard concert and heard one young college student scream out “if Lynyrd Skynyrd is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!!” Can’t help but think about this now in light of these comments about the causes of the war.

    • Oh, I am not surprised either. It was just a matter of time before they caved.

      I find their initial argument for not using it to be the real joke. I don’t remember that it was the KKK who placed Confederate flags atop state capitols in the 1950s and I suspect the boy in the picture above is not a card carrying member either.

  2. “the Civil War was fought over States rights.” So glad that Gary Rossington cleared that up for me! And here I thought it was something else.

    • Yes, in between gigs he does serious research. It’s kind of funny the way he just throws it out there so nonchalantly as if it’s code.

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