This event has been a long time in the making and I signed on to take part when I was still living in Virginia.  John Brown Lives! is a small organization led by Martha Swan, which focuses on public and educational outreach around issues related to freedom and oppression in history and in our world today.  Freedom Then, Freedom Now offers a little something for teachers, students, and anyone else who is interested in the history and legacy of emancipation.  The list of speakers and subjects to be discussed looks very interesting and David Blight will deliver the keynote address.  I am going to host a screening of Glory for the community and then work with a group of teachers on how they can use it in the classroom.  It promises to be a fun weekend.

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  1. Some time ago I ran across a reference online to a Douglass descendant who works against modern-day slavery, and I think it was the same guy mentioned in the ad.

  2. Took my kids to visit North Elba to the John Brown house. Then took them down to Harper’s Ferry and the Kennedy Farm. Interesting discussion. My sons said that if it was white people being held as slaves by blacks in the South, white women being raped by black masters, no one today would say that John Brown was a terrorist or madman.

    Anyway, I love Lake Placid. Visit Saranac Lake next door to see the American Magic Mountain for TB sufferers. The entrance to the Saranac Hotel is on the second floor, supposedly to discourage tubercular pedestrians from stopping in.

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