12 thoughts on “Creigh Deeds Mystifies, Misleads, and Surprises

  1. Actually, he’s a state senator, just to be precise and, though it was MLK day, it was also Jackson’s birthday. Senator Emmett Hanger usually gives this speech most sessions. If the redistricting flanking move by the Republicans is successful, Deeds will be facing Hanger in a runoff. Perhaps this is Deeds’s own flanking move? One thing we can be thankful for, Deeds could be sitting in the Governor’s mansion. I didn’t realize Jackson was a vegetarian. I hope his governing skills are better than his reading skills.

    1. Thanks for the correction. I thought it was kind of funny to see Deeds giving this speech. Your explanation makes sense.

      On a different note, congratulations on completing your book about Lexington.

        1. Thank you, Mr. Williams. While I can’t share your sentiments on who should be sitting in the Governor’s chair, I appreciated your setting Kevin straight about why Senator Deeds’ comments are neither mystifying nor surprising. (If they are misleading, I missed that, too.) Kevin seems so eager to find examples of Southern buffoonery, of which there are plenty, of course, that he sometimes gets carried away.

          1. I don’t think it’s “buffoonery” at all. The problem was with the execution. I actually don’t have much of a problem at all with this kind of statement in the state legislature. Individual legislators speak up to honor individuals, organizations, and events all the time.

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