A Short Chat About Gettysburg on Bloggingheads.tv

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Last Thursday I sat down for a conversation with Rob Farley about Gettysburg in history and memory and a few other topics related to the ongoing Civil War Sesquicentennial. Thanks to Rob for the opportunity to chat and appear on Bloggingheads.tv. Welcome to those of you visiting from BTV. I hope you will stick around for a while and explore the site. Click here for additional posts about Gettysburg.

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  • Craig L. Jul 2, 2013

    Regarding your speculations about Lee’s motivations for attacking a well fortified position in a northern state, I’d add that I think Jefferson Davis and an older brother of his personally owned substantial plantation holdings not far south of Vicksburg that I would imagine were severely depleted of slaves by the 4th of July in 1863.

    • Kevin Levin Jul 2, 2013

      No doubt.

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