Update: Those of you in Virginia may want to check out the upcoming Nat Turner Rebellion Symposium.

I learned of this planned movie about Nat Turner from my twitter feed and via this blog post. It’s hard to know what to make of the movie website. There is a script, but the casting call is open to anyone who wants to audition over YouTube. The trailer, which echoes some of the gratuitous violence of Django, will likely disturb some of you. Whether we ever see this movie in the theaters is anyone’s guess. At this point that might be a good thing.

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  1. What in the world does 2Pac and Obama have in common with Nat Turner? He lived before many people. What are you insinuating by including the 3 together? Turner was an enslaved person who returned or replied to that enslavement with brutal, evil, horrible crimes by killing others. His enslavement does not excuse that by any means. It was an ugly horrible part of our history. What is your point?

    • I am not insinuating anything. You will notice that the title is in quotes. It is taken from the movie website.

      • Who is financing and backing this movie? It seems to advocate an agenda.

          • I don’t know. It could be saying these are 3 heroic men to look up to? Could be saying all 3 are negative figures in history yet either way it would seem that they are being linked by the only commonalities I can see they have, being their race, gender and country in which they have lived. Either way this smells of racism and the ugly innuendos which have become endemic of the critics of our current President. All 3 were distinctly different men in history.

  2. Wonder if Tarantino and his studio will have anything to say about the use of the word “Unchained” in the title. Potential case of infringement.

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