I love this Amazon feature. You get a sense of the broader community of books that individual titles inhabit. I’ve looked at this feature a couple of times on my own book’s Amazon page. The best example that I’ve found is the Kennedy Brothers classic paean to the Lost Cause, The South Was Right (Pelican Press). You can probably predict the family of books that have been purchased in addition to The South Was Right as well as the assumptions being made about how to understand the cause, evolution and consequences of the Civil War.

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  1. My curiosity always compels me to look up the books, check out their reviews and I always leave disappointed, even frightened for the gullibility of people who have never read a book on the topic by actual experts, for fear of conspiracy, bias and indoctrinated historians.

    The same is true for books about evolution, and their authors with a deep-rooted “anti-metaphysical, naturalistic bias”

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