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I told myself that I wasn’t going to cut and paste any longer from the “Gift That Keeps on Giving,” but this is just too good to be true. Gary Adams posted the following yesterday.ย  Read the post in its entirety or continue here for the highlights.

Southern Heritage Preservation PageHere is just a small sample of the responses from others in the group.

Southern Heritage Preservation GroupWhat’s the saying? Oh yeah, it’s heritage, not history.

Southern Heritage Preservation GroupBonus Material!

Southern Heritage Preservation Group

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  1. Lincoln had slaves in the White House after the war? Wasn’t Lincoln, well, dead after the war?

  2. Kevin, didn’t you know Lincoln bought and sold slaves during the day and hunted Vampires at night. Common knowledge you won’t find in those Liberal, Marxist, Yankee textbooks.

  3. Folks, come on. Everyone knows that Abraham Lincoln didn’t die. He’s one of those whachamadoos, an Immortal. Go watch The Highlander. So totally, he owned hundreds of slaves after the war, duh.

  4. Embarrassing. Can I have a new heritage now? I’m ready to sell my Southern DNA or trade with a Yankee at anytime. Just take my genes, they’re yours — no charge. Free to a good home. >_<

    • What could be more a threat to Confederate heritage than complete ignorance. Incredible.

  5. Do I recall that recently those folks had a survey to see what the main focus of the group should be? “Heritage” and “Heritage Defense” together out-polled “Research” by five-to-one. So, yeah.

    Gary, bless his heart, he makes an effort, but in that crowd he’s pissing into the wind. Which, come to think of it, is better than other places he’s tried.

  6. Obviously a “troll on here” took their discussion from an open FB site and put it in Civil War Memory. I’m sure YOU knew about that Kevin? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    One of the best comments of all concerns the scars on slave Gordon’s back may actually be some sort of skin disease. “Whipatosis” perhaps?

    • I am surprised more people haven’t picked u on that one. Than again, Lincoln owning slaves in the White House and after his own death is tough to compete with. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The ‘it’s disease not scars’ explanation has been out there for awhile. I believe it is the brainchild of the prolific internet presence Valerie “Lady Val” Protopapas.

      • The man in the photograph, Gordon, is widely understood to have keloids, an abnormal amount of scarring of a wound — in this case from whipping. Leave it to that bunch to argue it’s a “skin disease” unrelated to being beaten; that’s like saying a CW soldier lost his limb because the regimental surgeon amputated it, unrelated to the Minie ball that shattered the bone.

  7. If I remember correctly there is a whole post devoted to the skin disease angle…complete with links to medical sites to try and prove their theory. Sad.

    The Bonus material is sad as well. The comment about why it took 100 years for the development of the Civil Rights movement makes me shake my head. That point is on of the main focuses of my Slavery thru Civil Rights Unit in my US History class.

    • In the movie “Glory,” Trip (played by Denzel Washington) was suffering from this skin disease. HJe took his shirt off because he thought they were going to treat him for it. they whipped him instead and he started crying when he realized he made a big mistake.

      • Oh…is that what that scene was about. Hmmm and to think all these years I thought it was over shoes and hot food that got him whipped.

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