obama_lincolnThe 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is fast approaching. Click here for a rundown of events sponsored by the National Park Service in Gettysburg and various other organizations.

President Barack Obama has been invited to speak, but at this point has yet to confirm. We all know of the president’s close identification with our 16th president and for the obvious reasons his presence in Gettysburg should have been confirmed by now.

Why it hasn’t is a mystery to me, but perhaps these trips are scheduled late for security purposes. Given recent anti-NPS rhetoric, it would be nice to see the president side by side with Gettysburg Park officials.

So, do you think the president will travel to Gettysburg next month?

13 thoughts on “Will President Obama Travel To Gettysburg Next Month?

  1. I think if he asks to come the National Park Service should say “thank you, but no, you barricaded our entrance last month. You are not invited or welcomed.”

    1. The president has already been invited by the National Park Service. Your comment suggests that you have no idea why the NPS was forced to close its doors during the shutdown.

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