4 thoughts on “Fun With the American Civil War

  1. My The Immigrants’ Civil War facebook page folks really liked the original video.

    Part of my problem with those Civil War buffs (and let’s face it, “buffs” is the correct word) who say that the Sesqui has not made it into popular culture the way the Centennial did is that when it appears in a music video like this they pretty much ignore it.

      1. At some point, it might be interesting to do a side by side comparison, including numbers of people reached by various methods, so that metrics can be substituted for anecdotal grousing.

        1. That would be a worthwhile study. The social media/technology component is crucial. All too often the folks that go out of their way to make the comparison tend to have experienced the centennial and find the sesquicentennial lacking. It’s anything but objective. A careful study of the sesquicentennial would, in many ways, challenge many of our broad categories of Civil War memory.

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