Speaking Tonight in Methuen

Just a quick reminder for my Boston-area friends that tonight I will be speaking at the Nevins Memorial Library as part of their “Methuen Remembers the Civil War” series. My topic is the subject of my new book project on the history of Confederate camp servants and myth of the black Confederate soldier, but I will have copies of my Crater book for sale. Perhaps I will have a chance to talk about it briefly as well.

Come on out.

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  1. What time is the seminar? Is it an open lecture? Methuen is a hike from where I live but it sounds like its worth attending.

    Nathan Towne

    • 7pm. I am going to give a short lecture and then open it up to discussion.

    • What a nice surprise to finally have a chance to meet in person. Glad to hear the talk went over well.

  2. I will get to one of your seminars one of these days. Methuen was really a trip from East-Central Mass though. Hope that it went well.

    Nathan Towne

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