Common-place Marks the Civil War 150 with Special Issue

I couldn’t be more excited to share Common-place’s latest issue on the Civil War sesquicentennial that I had the pleasure to edit with Megan Kate Nelson. We are confident that each of you will find something of interest in this issue. The essays cover a wide range of topics and will hopefully both enlighten and entertain. Special thanks to all the contributors to this issue. We had the pleasure to work with an incredibly talented group of historians and educators, who were both committed to producing their best work and patient with our suggestions and numerous emails. Thanks also to the wonderful editorial staff at Common-place, especially Paul Erickson and Trudy Powers.

Below is an interview that Megan and I did last week with The Civil War Monitor’s David Thompson that goes into the origins of the issue and the process of putting an edited project like this together. Megan insisted that we do the interview with her signature cocktail named in honor of the Honey Badger.

Hope all of you enjoy the issue and please help us out and share it with others.

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  • Patrick Young Jan 31, 2014 @ 15:33

    Looks fascinating. I’m going to recommend it to The Immigrants’ Civil War Community next week. Perhaps when we’ve had a chance to read the articles we can have a discussion here.

    • Kevin Levin Jan 31, 2014 @ 15:41

      Glad to hear it.

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