I love the way these two short videos poke fun at the relatively small number of people who imagine themselves still fighting the Civil War. They talk in personal terms about the hardships experienced by civilians and soldiers as if they themselves experienced the very same hardships. They talk in terms of “we” and “us” or “our” cause. This one is for you. Enjoy.

[Uploaded to Vimeo on April 1, 2014]

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  1. I will admit that when I take groupson battlefields I sometimes do slip in an occasional “we” or “us” to refer to the Union forces and “they” to the side who came in second.

    But my reason? I was a US Army Infantry officer and I served in many units with proud Civil War heritage and battle honors. So when I say “we” at Chickamauga, Stones River, Gettysburg or Vicksburg I am reflecting the fact that I was a Rock of Chickamauga, Blue Spader, Iron Ranger, Forty Rounder or China Hand….all units who fought and died on those fields.

  2. Break time at the Walmart Auto Dept? I didn’t know they had grey coveralls in the CSA.

  3. I’m a little surprised at the “hate working on the farm” bit. His other choice would be to move and work in those reviled factories. I get the impression that most farmers (North and South) loved their farms and lands, their mules and horses and dogs, and hoped that their sons would continue in their furrows. They certainly put enough sweat into improving them — not something you do for something you hate.

    • I believe the video is intentionally mocking the heritage crowd.

      • I’m not sure its satire/mocking, but the links at the end of both videos go to nothing (the geocities one does not exist — at least in my search, and the facebook rebel yell is a women’s fashion site!). At a minimum, the videos are convincing with no context as to intent.

        • The whole thing is a joke, video and all. I thought that was obvious.

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