No Confederate History Month in Virginia in 2014

Looks like I was wrong. Dem. Governor Terry McAuliffe has no plans to issue a proclamation recognizing April as Confederate History Month. My guess is that the vast majority of Virginians will not lose any sleep over this decision.

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  • James Harrigan Apr 8, 2014

    Great non-news. Now if we can just get rid of Lee-Jackson Day.

  • Brooks Simpson Apr 8, 2014

    Return the month! Restore the honor! Flag the governor’s office (I dare the Flaggers to do just that)!

  • Forester Apr 8, 2014

    Oh yes, April. I forgot that was even a thing, and I usually keep up with Civil War stuff in Virginia.

    To paraphrase a popular saying on Facebook: “not a single darn was given.” 😀

  • Betty Giragosian Apr 9, 2014

    Virginia does not need a proclamation from the governor declaring April to be Confederate History Month. It IS Confederate History Month. Always has been.
    I am glad the governor made no such statement. Now no one can be offended,
    and we can observe it as we have always done for generations.
    The usual whiners may complain, but will not be offended.
    I believe the governor’s proclamation was a fairly recent thing, anyway.
    And–the rest of you can rejoice.

    • Kevin Levin Apr 9, 2014

      Now no one can be offended, and we can observe it as we have always done for generations.

      You are absolutely right. Nothing has changed for the small number of people who continue to openly celebrate their Confederate heritage. That’s the wonderful thing about living in a democracy.

    • Joe Overstreet Apr 24, 2016

      SALUTE! I celebrate my ancestry and all they did. There is nothing wrong to celebrate your ancestors. If your ancestors are unknown does not mean I can’t celebrate mine. God blesses everyone and I am proud that my family fought for the South.

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