Diehard Playmobil Confederates

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Playmobil soldiers used in quite this way. The screenplay is full of errors, but the filming is quite impressive. Five Playmobil Confederates survive the war and pledge to avenge the South over the end of slavery and Sherman’s March across Georgia. Mannie Gentile, eat your heart out my friend. :-)

[Uploaded to Vimeo on April 19, 2014]

8 thoughts on “Diehard Playmobil Confederates

  1. Will Hickox

    The cannons actually recoil when they fire! That’s something that can’t be said for “Glory” or “Gettysburg.”

  2. Julian

    This certainly raises the bar for Civil War Lego films!

    There’s a bit of Hell On Wheels and the Good the Bad and the Ugly here with a Confederate revenge intrigue extending post war.

    The following is more of the expected standard – though it makes a cute feature out of the clunkiness.

    1. Kevin Levin Post author

      The western motif in Civil War memory seems to be making a bit of a comeback. Think of Django.


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