What’s So “Odd” About It?

Update: Williams offers an update that confirms that his problem is more with Robin Williams’s view of the Confederate than anything having to do with me. I have never compared Confederate soldiers with Nazis, but that isn’t even what Robin Williams is suggesting anyway. Any reasonable person will see the post for what it is: a simple acknowledgment of Robin Williams’s brilliant sense of humor.

I’ve never had a problem with readers and fellow bloggers criticizing what I post here. Certainly, much of what I write is open to critical response, but for the life of me I have no idea what Richard Williams finds problematic about this post. Like many of you I was saddened to hear about the death of Robin Williams.

All I wanted to do was offer a brief reference in his honor, but in a way that connected to this blog’s theme. I came across the quote in question and thought it beautifully captured his ability to combine comedy and an astute observation. You may not agree with it, but I certainly didn’t see anything inappropriate or “odd” about posting it.

Post at Old Virginia Blog

Post at Old Virginia Blog

Perhaps Mr. Williams will elaborate on what he finds inappropriate or perhaps this is just a way to attract attention. Either way, I think it’s safe to say that Williams’s post is not so much “odd” as it is petty. And to think that I just went out of my way to congratulate him on his forthcoming publication on the Civil War in Waynesboro, Virginia. You are very welcome.

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  1. Maybe it’s “odd” or they just don’t agree with Robin’s comment. Can’t come down on a dead guy !! You make a great “whipping boy”, excuse the pun.

    • I am sure it’s the latter. I suppose this has nothing to do with me.

      How many people are quoting Williams from their favorite movies as if he wrote the script? I, on the other hand, quoted his own words. And let’s be clear, according to Williams this is “beyond odd.” 🙂

    • So, Richard Williams post should read: “Is it appropriate to use the occasion of someone’s suicide to highlight a perspective on the Civil War that I disagree with?”

      OK, got it. I think you are right.

    • Probably not, but that’s comedy for you.

      Richard offered a rather lame update to his post that seems to confirm that his problem is more with Robin Williams than with me.

  2. I’m surprised that in your connection of Williams to Civil War memory you didn’t focus on the fact that perhaps his most iconic cinema moment involved Walt Whitman’s poem about the death of Lincoln. But hey, some people would probably have even had a problem with that, too.

    • Hi Glenn,

      I thought about it, but everyone else was referencing it one way or the other and I really wanted to use something that Williams himself authored. Not as eloquent, but right on point. You just can’t win with some people so why try.

  3. You used Robin Williams to give your mean spirited aghast a bigger punch to Confederate Southern Americans. I noted you didn’t allow my last post, I don’t care that only exposes your bigoted dishonorable self.

  4. I think it is definitely appropriate to remember Robin Williams with a Civil War joke on a Civil War blog. What I don’t find appropriate is the choice of the phase “occasion of someone’s suicide” those are not words you use when honoring someone’s memory.

    • Even after his update I still don’t understand the problem. No worries. I get more hits from blogs that have not been updated in months than I do from one of his posts that links to my site. 🙂

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