…here is what you need to know about the American Civil War.

[Uploaded to YouTube on September 10, 2014]

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  1. Sorry…. I was distracted within the first thirty seconds looking for typos. The catchy tune also didn’t help. That said, should I really consider getting my GED I will certainly think about revisiting this video.

    Thank you for sharing. You do realize that this is somewhat frightening. [Statement not a question]

    Best Regards,
    -Yulanda Burgess

    • Yeah, the use of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” just baffles me. It seems to be used in all of their social studies videos, and since the ones I’ve watched all involved massive death (Colonialism and Exploration, Civil War, and World War II), well, either someone doesn’t know what they’re doing, or has a very dark sense of humor.

  2. Have they learned nothing since the 1960s? I love the use of white wipes across the screen, as if they’re white-washing the subject. Oh well.

  3. Having taught civil war on a tight time schedule i understand why they took short cuts, but it irks me when people say the generals were just Grant and Lee.

    Also interesting how the emancipation proclamation immediately freed all slaves in the south and led right to the end of the war. 1864 is overrated anyways

  4. Oh, da stupid, it burns. I once taught adult ed, many of whom were prepping for the GED. I had mostly English students but still… I think some of them would have been a bit angered by this video. I also found the “Get Lucky” soundtrack a bit ironic, LOL, I guess if one is sitting for the GED, one might hope to get lucky.

  5. In London, I saw the Complete Works of William Shakespeare in under 90 minutes (or was it 120 minutes or maybe 60 minutes) !! With no prior knowledge of the plays you would get just about as much out it as the GED Civil War video. Catchy tune. 😉

  6. Just like every other Powerpoint presentation I’ve been subjected too (read word for word [and not well either] and revs up my objections to simplification), except for the background music!

  7. Interesting…I wonder what Generals Sherman, Thomas, Sturgis, Halleck, Rosecrans, McClellan, Johnston (both of them), Cooper, Beauregard, Bragg, Hooker, Meade & brunside all had to say as to who was in charge.

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