John Oliver Takes on Confederate Monuments

Last night John Oliver devoted twenty minutes to addressing the ongoing controversy surrounding Confederate monuments. There isn’t much that is new here, but there are a few funny moments so if you have some time definitely check it out.

One thing is clear and that is that Confederate monuments are easy fodder for late night hosts like Oliver.

[Uploaded to YouTube, October 8, 2017]

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  • Easy, sure. But it is nice to have all the salient arguments captured in one funny video.

  • Msb Oct 9, 2017

    Not new if you’ve been part of the discussions in places like this. But Oliver’s video, admirably comprehensive, fair and funny, is a big step forward in the wider public discussion. And I especially love 3 out of 4 suggestions for filling empty plinths.

  • Neil Hamilton Oct 9, 2017




  • David Kent Oct 10, 2017

    If it gets the 38 percent to 39……’s a victory.

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