You may have noticed a new tab in the header called News. This is a new feature here at Civil War Memory that will function along the lines of twitter.

I continue to publish blog posts on a fairly regular basis, but the frequency has certainly lessened in recent months, owing to my return to the classroom and work on other writing projects. Some of you follow me on twitter, where I post fairly regularly, but not solely on topics related to the subject of this blog.

The other thing that has always troubled me about social media sites is that I have no control over my own content. If twitter goes belly-up tomorrow my roughly 36,000 tweets will go up in smoke. With this new feature I will be able to publish short posts in a stream that functions a lot like twitter. The one difference is that there is no way to respond, which is probably best for this content.

I will use this to post news items, updates on the progress of my forthcoming book about the myth of black Confederates with UNC Press and anything else that fits the theme of this site.

The last thing I want is a static website. This new feature will help to ensure that I am able to deliver the kind of content that over the years you have come to expect from Civil War Memory.

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  1. Great idea! It’s a great in-between publishing long content and quickly posting a status. I like how you’re already pushing the limits by sharing tweets and videos. Keep it going!

    • Hey Alex, I was meaning to let you know that I am trying to make use of this feature. It really is a great idea.

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