This morning it was announced that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will construct a new building to properly house and interpret the Confederate statue known as “Silent Sam”, which was toppled over by students a few months ago, as well as the broader history of the school. As I have said all along, this is my preferred outcome. Though I appreciate many of the concerns expressed by people from within the community and beyond, including concerns about costs, I think the university is perfectly equipped for such a project.

The school follows the University of Texas at Austin, which chose to display and interpret a statue of Jefferson Davis after it was removed from campus in 2015. This decision today offers a number of educational opportunities for UNC’s faculty, students, and the broader community.

I will be very interested to see how the community approaches the design of the building and the space set aside specifically for Silent Sam. My hope is that everyone at UNC, but especially the students, has an opportunity to share their ideas about how the statue is displayed and interpreted. I look forward to seeing how teachers employ the space for classroom use. But more importantly, I look forward to seeing how students over time choose to use the space and impose their own meaning on the statue.

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  1. This is ludicrous! The monument should be restored to its original place on campus. None of this Confederaphobia has been necessary. It’s a blatant hypocrisy to destroy the peace that was won by the Veterans reconciliation themselves. Just to suit post modern politically correct socialism. American society has not been improved, in fact it is morphing into an irrational mob bent on its own enslavement to the Politically Correct agenda.

  2. I have mixed feelings about this. That’s a lot of money to tell people the statue represents treason and slavery. There is no doubt that the statue can be useful in explaining treason and slavery, but to spend that much money on it? This is the problem when people have to appease a group of people who prefer a fake history and reject the facts. But, it’s the choice of the people at that college. It is up to them, not me.

    • Silent Sam represents UNC students that died for a cause that THEY believed to be just and honorable. Are you related to any of those students? Do you have proof of any treasonous acts by those students? Where is your evidence of writings by students supporting slavery? As you and Kevin stated, it is not up to you. It is not your axe, so why are you compelled to spout off?

      • In the end thedecision is up to the members of this community.

        Silent Sam represents UNC students that died for a cause that THEY believed to be just and honorable.

        The problem that you must acknowledge is that fewer and fewer people believe this to be true.

      • It’s all in the US Constitution. Not my fault you don’t understand that taking up arms against the US is treason as it was then, is now, and shall ever be.

    • Fake history? Treason? Slavery? People like you are the ones that need to pick up a book and read it. Not just look at the pictures. No don’t go online and read bc they are all liberal sites

  3. A confederate statue of flag, flown or shown today is not honoring the cause of the “old south” it’s remembering history. It’s not an argument for one side or against another. It’s history I may not like something I said as a teenager ignoring it won’t make me a better person.

    • What history? A rebellionattemptung to establish a slave empire? A banner clutched by the KKK? The flag of massive resistance to civil rights for African Americans? Sticking it in a museum where it can be placed in context is not “ignoring” it. Flying it today is ignoring its shameful histories.

  4. Do today’s political and emotional roots differ from those that started and fed the war? Whose motivations are invalid? Those who are learned and humane will speak authoritatively and with respect for all. Lay down arms. Read and write books.

    • “I don’t need emotion. I need a progression of thoughts.” Ravi Zacharias

  5. I would imagine it would be utterly demoralizing to be black and attend that school or live in that community and see that statue every day staring down at you–a statue dedicated to the proposition that white supremacy is the law of the land. Those crying about “Southern heritage” should examine which Southerners they claim to speak for.

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