Kevin Levin

I don't know how many of you are aware of it, but The New Confederate Army is on the verge of bankruptcy unless they can raise $750 by the end of the week to pay at least one outstanding bill.  This video is truly hilarious.  The funniest line by far is the following: "I have [...]

Today I came across a news clipping from the Boston Transcript, which covered the fall of Charleston in February 1865.  The paper reprinted a letter written by an officer in a Massachusetts regiment about a Charleston lawyer by the name of Nelson Mitchell.  Turns out that the story is fairly well known.  Luis F. Emilio [...]

"Brag Bowling, SCV member and Director of the Stephen D. Lee Institute, and Southern Poverty Law Center Research Director Mark Potok represent two sides of the contentious debate over a large and looming question: what was the Civil War really fought over?"  As far as I can tell neither of them possesses any serious knowledge [...]

Today I found the following poem as a news clipping in a scrapbook contained in the Norwood P. Hallowell Papers, 1850-1914 at the Massachusetts Historical Society.  It's titled, "A Negro Volunteer Song" and was written by a private in Co. A, 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. Fremont told them when the war it first begun, How [...]