Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 1.55.48 PMWelcome to my personal website. It’s hard to believe that I have been blogging here at Civil War Memory for over ten years.

In addition to the blog you can explore my work as a historian, educator and advocate for professional development for history teachers. If you love American history you came to the right place. I live in Boston, Massachusetts with my wife and two cats. It’s an incredible place to live even if the city’s rich Civil War history is overshadowed by the American Revolution.

I am currently a Visiting Instructor of History at the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Previously, I taught at Gann Academy in Waltham, MA and the St. Anne’s – Belfield School in Charlottesville, Virginia, where I offered a variety of courses, including American and European History, American Studies, the Civil War Era, Civil War Memory, Lincoln, Race and Gender, Women’s History and the Holocaust.

I have written extensively about the Civil War era in academic journals and popular magazines. In 2012 the University Press of Kentucky published my first book, Remembering The Battle of the Crater: War as Murder and I am currently at work on a new project, tentatively titled, Searching For Black Confederates: The Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth.

My essays have been published online at The Daily Beast, New York Times and the Atlantic and I have appeared as a guest on numerous National Public Radio programs.

Nothing is more rewarding than helping history teachers improve their classroom practices. Over the years I have worked with numerous programs and organizations, including Teaching American History, The Civil War Trust, Organization of American Historians and the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College.

“For the Civil War buffs among us, it’s really worth spending some time over at Kevin Levin’s blog, Civil War Memory.”— Ta-Nehesi Coates, Senior Editor, The Atlantic

“Kevin Levin’s Civil War Memory is an impressive individual blog, with a track record of several years. It commonly offers the best of both military history blogging and history blogging about the broader political, intellectual, and social context of regional conflict.”— Citation for 2007 Cliopatria Award for Best Individual Blog, History News Network

Fun Fact: The Library of Congress is currently archiving Civil War Memory as part of its permanent digital collection. That means this site will be accessible long after I am gone.

♥ Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to contact me with any questions.