Boston Discovers Its Confederate Heritage

Last week I was interviewed by WGBH’s Adam Reilly for a segment that aired this evening on Greater Boston about the Confederate marker on Georges Island in Boston Harbor. Historian Karen Cox also makes an appearance. I think we make a good team.

I was absolutely thrilled to get the call for this interview since Greater Boston is one of my favorite local news shows. Thanks again to Adam Reilly for this opportunity.

Next Up, St. Louis’s Confederate Monument

Update: As of this morning [8 June] the monument is being dismantled. Video here.

Recent high profile debates about the removal of Confederate monuments have centered on important military and political leaders such as Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis. Monuments to both men have been removed at the University of Texas at Austin and New Orleans. The Charlottesville city council recently voted to remove its Lee Monument and Baltimore is in the process of evaluating a monument that commemorates both Lee and Stonewall Jackson. [click to continue…]

Introducing Boston Civil War Tours

Are you coming to Boston this summer to enjoy the city’s rich historic sites? Most people rightfully associate the city with the American Revolution and the founding of this nation. What is often overlooked, however, are the many sites connected to the American Civil War and the history of the abolition movement. [click to continue…]

Defining “Context” in the Context of Confederate Monuments

If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend watching the panel discussion about New Orleans and Confederate monuments that I took part in on Al Jazeera this past week. Little, if anything, of what I had to say will be surprising to those of you who  follow this blog. What I continue to think about is the interaction throughout the discussion between Terri Coleman, an activist in New Orleans and Professor Jonathan Zimmerman, from the University of Pennsylvania. [click to continue…]