Civil War Memory Turns Eight

This week marks the eighth anniversary of Civil War Memory. I’ve been blogging for so long and it has become such a regular part of my daily routine that I have trouble remembering the time before.

No doubt there is an intrinsic value to blogging that can be found in the act of writing, the content itself and the rich conversations that often follow. But if spending time away from the classroom for close to two years after moving to Boston in 2011 taught me anything it’s that my passion for history is primarily social in nature. The social in social media only gets you so far. [click to continue…]


Are We Really Still Debating this Question?

I have absolutely no idea why I didn’t go to the annual meeting of the Southern Historical Association, which is taking place this weekend in St. Louis. The past two years I didn’t go for financial reasons, but other than not wanting to miss time in class I have no excuse.

I am left looking at Facebook pics and following #sha2013 tweets. This tweet from Diane Sommerville caught my attention.

It’s from a roundtable discussion that included Gallagher, Lesley Gordon, James Hogue, and Carol Reardon. The title struck me as somewhat strange: “Should Military History Be Central to the Study of the Civil War.” Given the scholarship of the panelists I have no doubt that it was well worth attending. In fact, I am hearing through the grapevine that it was indeed a lively discussion.

I guess I just find it strange that we are still debating this question.


Fun With the American Civil War

The official video for Fun’s hit single “Some Nights” has a clear Civil War theme. Here is an alternative take on the song that utilizes scenes from “Gettysburg” and “Gods and Generals” with a little creative cinematography.

[Uploaded to YouTube, September 8, 2013]


From Civil War to Civil Rights

Phil Bryant, MississippiIt’s an overused reference that often waters down the complexity of the history that it hopes to render intelligible. In this case, however, it seems appropriate. Last week the state of Mississippi broke ground on a new Civil Rights museum that should be open in about four years.  [click to continue…]


Where Will President Obama Be on November 19?

I don’t know, but he won’t be in Gettysburg for the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.