That North Carolinian Is Pointing at the Bryan Farm

This morning I spent some time reflecting at the North Carolina monument along Confederate Avenue at the Gettysburg National Military Park. I was thinking specifically about the entry points for engaging students on the battlefield. After a few minutes a group of high school students gathered around the monument with a guide. [click to continue…]

You Don’t Really Have to Wave That Confederate Flag

I always get a kick out of those people who are committed to waving the Confederate battle flag in public, regardless of how it makes others feel. For descendants of Confederate soldiers and others who are still, for whatever reason, committed to defending the cause it reflects a lack of creativity. It’s either the flag or nothing. [click to continue…]

“A Government With Slavery As Its Great Distinctive Feature”

Reading through the letters of Lt. William Cowper Nelson, who served in the 17th Mississippi and came across this little gem:

I don’t know that I much regret the loss of Stephen [runaway slave]. I have thought that this war was ordered by Providence, as a means of settling definitely and conclusively the question of slavery: if slavery is a divine institute, I believe we will be successful, that our independence will be recognized and the Southern Confederacy will be established as a Government with slavery as its great distinctive feature. if on the contrary, slavery is a curse and obnoxious to an All Wise and Good Creator I believe that he will make this war, the means of abolishing it from the face of the earth. I have the greatest confidence in the wisdom of God, and believe that all things work together for good to them that we love. (p. 102)

Winchester, Virginia, October 29th 1862