I finally got around to watching The Daily Show’s recent segment on the Confederate monument debate. I particularly appreciate the suggestions from Trevor Noah and Roy Wood, Jr. on ways to add to public landscapes that include Confederate monuments rather than removing or relocating them. This first one has a good deal of promise. Yes Read more

A Response to Anonymous

First, thanks to all of you who have commented on the recent guest post in favor of maintaining Confederate monuments. A number of you have expressed concern about my decision to allow my guest to post anonymously. I understand your concerns and I am re-thinking my policy. For now I want to share a few Read more

For those of you looking for resources surrounding the recent events in Charlottesville and the broader Confederate monument debate, I highly recommend this lesson plan from The Choices Program. It offers an overview of what happened in Charlottesville on August 12, but also does an excellent job of focusing on the broader issues surrounding the Read more

In Favor of Confederate Monuments

UPDATE: A number of people have expressed frustration over my decision to publish an anonymous guest post. I understand the concerns expressed and will re-think my policy. At the same time there is a vibrant and productive discussion in the comments section of the post. People are engaging with the argument and that is what Read more

Update: I decided to re-work my crowdsourcing project around New Orleans and the Confederate monument debate to something that better reflects the turn that the focus has taken in the wake of Charlottesville. It is intended to assist high school and college level students and teachers and anyone else who is interested in digging into Read more

One of the most common questions that I received from reporters this past two weeks was why so many Confederate monuments were dedicated within such a short period of time (1890-1930). It’s a complex question and there is no simple answer when you dive into the history of these monuments, but at some point you Read more

The last two weeks have been a blur. The public discussion about the fate of Confederate monuments continues with no end in sight, fueled in part by the president’s own fears that “our culture” and “our history” runs the risk of being erased. I anticipated having to talk with a couple of reporters, but never Read more

This afternoon the city of Charlottesville placed a black tarp over the Robert E. Lee monument in Emancipation Park to honor Heather Heyer. Heather was murdered by white nationalists who rallied to protest the city’s decision to remove the Lee monument. The decision to drape the monument in black was taken after a contentious city Read more

In 2011 I published a piece at the Atlantic about the vandalism of the Robert E. Lee monument in Charlottesville. This week I was asked to reflect on how my understanding of this debate has evolved since then. Click here to read it. My thinking on this complex issue continues to evolve. One of the Read more

This has been one hell of a week. I have done more media interviews over the past few days than I have over the past decade. In addition to interviews I have written numerous op-eds, including this one for Smithsonian Magazine. Today I am finishing up a piece for the Atlantic, which asked me to Read more