Last night the Richmond Monument Avenue Commission held its first public forum at the Virginia Historical Society. It went about as well as I predicted. You can read about it here, here, and here. The commission went into this meeting hoping to steer the discussion away from removal to what it describes as a “middle-of-the-road” Read more

Many of you out there will be happy to hear that I am in the home stretch of my book on the Confederate camp slave and the myth of the black Confederate soldier. I am working feverishly on completing the final two chapters. The manuscript will be sent off to the University of North Carolina Read more

Catherine Templeton, who is running to be South Carolina’s next governor, had this to say in response to critics who took issue with her position on the display of Confederate monuments. Regarding the Confederate Flag: — Catherine Templeton (@TempletonCath) August 3, 2017 // This is absolute nonsense. Voters in South Carolina should demand an Read more

It’s been two years since the Confederate battle flag was removed from the State House in Columbia, South Carolina, following the brutal murders committed by Dylann Roof in Charleston. The battle flag has been in storage at the Confederate Relic Room & Museum, but at this time there are still no plans for a permanent Read more

Update: Feel free to send me suggestions on what is missing from this list and I will go ahead and add it. I found this detailed timeline at a website called The Confederate Society of America. It is difficult to tell whether it is comprehensive, but it certainly will give you a sense of the Read more

Historian Caroline Janney published a thoughtful piece this week in The Washington Post in which she warns of the pitfalls of removing Confederate monuments. She focuses specifically on the Heyward Shepherd Memorial at Harpers Ferry. Shepherd was a free black man, who was killed by Brown’s men during the raid and who was later embraced Read more

First, let me get this out of the way. I have never seen an episode of “Game of Thrones” and I can’t tell you much about what it is even about. OK. Yesterday HBO announced that the show’s writers will soon begin production of a new series that explores the events leading up to the Read more

The current issue of Civil War Times magazine includes some brief thoughts from a group of scholars, plus the current commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, about what they believe should be done with Confederate monuments. It is also available online. The group includes mainly academic and public historians, which is fine, but as Read more

This is one of the most unusual accounts that I have ever come across about Confederate camp slaves. It is also one that I am struggling with how – if at all – to utilize. The account comes from Battle-Fields of the South: From Bull Run to Fredericksburg. This 2-volume work was published between 1863 Read more