Contact me to set up an interview. C-SPAN – panelist on Civil War blogging at June 2012 Civil War Institute [10/06/12] The Civil War Monitor with David Thompson on the […]

University Press Blogs

The other day one of the university press blogs emailed me with links that they hoped I would cite in one of my posts.  I thought about it and arrived […]

I Told You

Last week I wondered why more heritage folks aren’t upset with the way the Confederate flag has been marketed in popular culture.  I suggested that most kids who wear the […]

Oh How They Loved Their Horses

I came across an article in the Roanoke Times today that made me chuckle.  Here is the crux of the “argument”: At the start of the war, Southern men took […]

Crater Book Proposal

I was going through some files today and came across the original book proposal that I used for my Crater manuscript.  Given that only a few people have read it […]