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Looking For 15 Minutes of Fame?

New Jersey Native, General Phillip Kearny at the Battle of Chantilly

Slap on a Confederate t-shirt for school and when the authorities tell you to remove it claim that your right to celebrate your heritage is being violated.  The mainstream media will eat it up and there are plenty of people, who will embrace you as the latest member of an oppressed group.  Actually, this story about a young New Jersey girl, who was suspended for wearing a sweatshirt with a Confederate flag to school is really a story about an irresponsible mother, who framed the issue this way: “The Indian kids get to wear turbans. The Jewish children can wear yarmulkes. That’s their birth right, their heritage. It’s my daughter’s heritage.”  Can’t you just feel that deep attachment to the South oozing forth.

Yes, the girl in question was born in Virginia, but only lived there for one year.  She is twelve years old.  Are we really suppose to believe that her ties to the South and its history are that strong?  Really?  The young girl admits that she doesn’t understand the history of the flag and I suspect that if we pressed her we would learn that her knowledge of Southern history is just as shallow.  Like I said, this is really a story of an irresponsible mother, who should have known better than to place her daughter in this situation.  Now we learn that the girl is receiving death threats.  Nice work, mom.


D.S. Freeman High School Reflects On Its History

This video was done by a couple of students at D.S. Freeman High School in Richmond, Virginia as part of a school wide discussion centered on whether they should get rid of their “Rebel” mascot.  The video offers a nice overview of the school’s history and includes a number of interviews with students and teachers.  Well done.


Are License Plates Confederately Correct?

Harper's Weekly, September 17, 1864

It should come as no surprise that the Sons of Confederate Veterans attributes yesterday’s unanimous decision by the Texas DMV as another attack on Confederate symbols and “Southern Heritage” more generally.  It may surprise you to learn, however, that the leadership of the SCV at the turn of the twentieth century likely would have viewed yesterday’s decision as a victory.

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Another Year of Blogging

Jackson and Stuart Celebrating Six Years of Civil War Memory

It’s hard to believe that as of today I have been blogging for six years.  Those six years include 2,400 posts, just under 1 million visits and roughly 25,000 comments.  Thanks once again to all of you who make this site part of your daily routine.  It goes without saying that this past year has seen its share of excitement and unexpected change, but I am looking forward with a great deal of enthusiasm to the coming year and the publication of my first book in June 2012.  I still enjoy blogging, but more importantly, I believe the site continues to serve an important function in the blogosphere and beyond.  What I do here continues to put me in touch with new people and opportunities to share my passion for history and teaching with the broader public.  I love the fact that Civil War Memory continues to make people think, laugh, and yes, even lash out in anger.  It suggests that I am doing something right.  :-)