Why Do You Go To The Gettysburg Visitor Center?

I’ve been keeping track of recent reviews of the new Gettysburg Visitor Center in both newspapers and on websites.  At some point soon I am going to write up an essay that situates the current debate over battlefield interpretation within a broader analysis of how Gettysburg has been interpreted over the past fifty years.  It…

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Episode 2: The “Confederate Taliban” Strikes Back

Hi kids.  Every once in a while we here at Civil War Memory like to take the time to share the myriad ways in which this site is impacting the broader Civil War community.  Today’s good cheer comes from the fine people at Southern Heritage News and Views [you must subscribe to get their newsletter]. …

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Who Is Behind This?

Just out of curiosity, but can anyone identify the person[s] responsible for the Save the Electric Map of Gettysburg site?  They recently moved to a WordPress site.  The latter site includes some commentary on the controversy surrounding both the movie and the decision to charge an entrance fee.