I am getting close to finalizing the reading list for my research seminar at the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, which I will teach this coming fall semester. The seminar will focus specifically on how Northerners understood Union and emancipation over the course of the war. We meet once a week and our time will [...]

Yesterday I walked out of my high school history classroom for the final time. I gave notice fairly early in the year in order to force myself to think carefully about what might be my next steps. Upon moving to Boston back in the summer of 2011 I hoped to find the space to weigh [...]

The University of North Carolina's Confederate soldier monument, "Silent Sam," continues to be a point of contention on campus. Over the past few years students have debated whether the monument ought to be removed or utilized in some other capacity that acknowledges its divisive past. The video below offers a very concise and thoughtful overview [...]

This morning I was informed that a reader of this blog had written a letter addressed to the headmaster of of my school. The reader took issue with my decision to strongly discourage students from purchasing Confederate flags at Civil War gift shops during our March trip. The letter correctly notes that I stipulated that [...]

My high school students are in the middle of their research projects and tomorrow I am scheduled to talk with them about plagiarism. Part of the discussion will involve having them look at examples so they can take the necessary steps to steer clear of what is unfortunately becoming all too common in the professional [...]