A Great Day In Class

All of my survey classes are right in the middle of the Civil War. We’ve been covering the standard territory, analyzing primary sources, and trying to understand the broader themes […]

Do Teachers Need David McCullough’s Help?

I don’t mind admitting that I enjoy reading David McCullough’s books. I’ve read most of them, though the quality of each book clearly fluctuates. I thought John Adams was brilliant […]

The Power Of Teaching

Well today was our first day back after what was a relaxing and productive break. Starting up is always difficult, the kids are half dead, and we have a week […]

An Inspirational Story From Lonnie Bunch

Yesterday on C-SPAN I watched Allen Weinstein who is the Archivist of the United States interview Lonnie Bunch who is the founding director of the Smithsonian’s planned National Museum of […]

Thinking About Reconstruction

One of my favorite classroom exercises takes place during our examination of Reconstruction. I divide the class into groups of four and ask each group to imagine that they are […]

Why High School History?

Not too long ago I ran into one of my student’s parents in a local bookstore. It was a casual discussion that eventually turned to my interests in the Civil […]

Student Research Wrap-Up

My Civil War students are now in the final stages of their research projects based on the Valley of the Shadow project out of the University of Virginia. As discussed […]

Why Memory?

I am sometimes asked to explain my fascination with the study of Civil War memory. It comes down to an interest in how and why we form national narratives. There […]

“What A Drag It Is Getting Old”

Well, my fall semester Civil War class is slowly winding down. Students are working to complete their research projects and I continue to deal with various stages of senioritis (most […]