Chandra M. Manning on Soldiers and Slavery: Part 2

We finished our discussion of Manning’s article on Thursday. The students generally agreed with the argument, but noticed a few places that seemed to lack sufficient evidence. In the first […]

Images of Slavery in Confederate Currency

I highly recommend The United States Civil War Center’s online resource, Beyond Face Value: Depictions of Slavery in Confederate Currency. The images clearly reflect the role of slavery in the […]

New Abraham Lincoln Website

New Abraham Lincoln Website: Check out Abraham Lincoln’s Classroom, which is sponsored by The Lincoln Institute and The Lehrman Institute. It contains plenty of primary sources for classroom use and […]

Teaching Reconstruction

This week I will be teaching Reconstruction. I am putting primary documents together, slides, and segments of movies, including Birth of a Nation and Gone With The Wind. We will […]

A Great Day In Class

All of my survey classes are right in the middle of the Civil War. We’ve been covering the standard territory, analyzing primary sources, and trying to understand the broader themes […]

Do Teachers Need David McCullough’s Help?

I don’t mind admitting that I enjoy reading David McCullough’s books. I’ve read most of them, though the quality of each book clearly fluctuates. I thought John Adams was brilliant […]

The Power Of Teaching

Well today was our first day back after what was a relaxing and productive break. Starting up is always difficult, the kids are half dead, and we have a week […]

An Inspirational Story From Lonnie Bunch

Yesterday on C-SPAN I watched Allen Weinstein who is the Archivist of the United States interview Lonnie Bunch who is the founding director of the Smithsonian’s planned National Museum of […]