That Talk…Again

Let me start out by saying that I really do appreciate all of you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this site. I couldn’t be more pleased that this site’s content has the potential to generate what are often lengthy threads. But there is a downside.

First, I have to moderate your comments and that can be time consuming. Some of you may be aware that I do things other than blog. My bigger concern, however, is that quite often lengthy threads get sidetracked by readers who wish to do little more than hijack the site for their own purposes. Their goals have nothing to do with engaging others and they often have nothing to do with the subject of my post.

This is going to change. I already have little patience for comments that are not posted under real names. Moving forward I will have even less patience. If your comment deviates in ways that I am uncomfortable with it will be deleted without notice. If if continues commenters will be banned permanently. I am also going to reign in people who insult others. There is absolutely no justification for this.

Understand that this has nothing to do with whether you tend to agree with me. I’ve said before that I prefer thoughtful and challenging comments. From an outsider’s point-of-view it might be impressive to see a post with close to 100 comments attached, but from my perspective it means little if it fails to add meaningfully to the post.

Thank you for your understanding.

On a brighter note: The 10-year anniversary re-design of Civil War Memory will be unveiled any day now.

That’s a Wrap on 2014

Like many of you I have a lot to be thankful for this past year, including good health and a loving family. As always, thank you for taking the time from your busy day to visit Civil War Memory. Although the real anniversary is not til November, I am thinking of the entirety of 2015 as representing a decade of blogging. Hard to believe. To mark the occasion I will soon be unveiling a custom re-design that is currently in the works. I hired one of my favorite web designers to overhaul the site and so far it looks amazing. Continue reading “That’s a Wrap on 2014”

“History Walks On All Of Us”

But history walks on all of us, lashed by time, and sometimes we feel its boot on our backs, and sometimes we are oblivious to its passing, the swing of sorrow and triumph through humanity, sorrow, and then, finally, crippling grief fading to obscurity, which is perhaps why Americans want little to do with history, why perhaps they hate it, why prayer comes easier than remembrance, which is how history knots its endless endings and measures the rise and fall of its breadth. And when history swirls around you and passes on and you inhale its aftermath, the bitterness of its ashes and the bygone sweetness of time, and excrete history into memory, you never quite believe you had once heard its thunderous God-like whispering, that you had trembled in the face of its terrible intimacies, and you fell silent. — Bob Shacochis, The Woman Who Lost Her Soul

Walking in Lincoln’s Footsteps

I had an incredible time in Springfield, Illinois this past weekend. Thanks to Sam Wheeler, who is the Research Historian for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, for inviting me to speak at Friday’s Luncheon. Sam was an incredibly gracious host. My talk on Louis Martin and the Crater went over very well. The audience asked thoughtful questions and I even managed to sell some books. Most of my time, however, was spent walking through the city and touring sites associated with Lincoln. It was such a thrill walking through Lincoln’s home, the Old State House, and his final resting place. I also visited the Abraham Lincoln museum and will write up a short review very soon. Continue reading “Walking in Lincoln’s Footsteps”

Is This Blog Post About Blogging Scholarship?

This past weekend a panel discussion was held at the annual meeting of the OAH on whether blogging ought to be considered scholarship. I didn’t travel to the OAH this year and even if I did I likely would not have attended this particular session since I don’t work in academia and the question and broader topic is largely irrelevant to me. Still, I do interact on occasion with academics and once in a while I have to deal with their skepticism about blogging. Continue reading “Is This Blog Post About Blogging Scholarship?”