Confederate Monuments Syllabus: I started this page shortly after the removal of Confederate monuments in New Orleans in April/May 2017. You will find op-eds and a wide range of primary and secondary sources related to the ongoing debate about Confederate iconography, including the battle flag and monuments.

Recent Confederate Monument Removals: This list tracks the removal of Confederate monuments, memorials, and markers since the police killing of George Floyd Jr. in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020.

Boston Civil War Tours: This tour is available to visitors to Boston as well as students and teachers. I offer it year round. The tour introduces visitors to the many monuments located on the Boston Common and Public Garden. Emphasis is placed on how to interpret monuments and memorials and what they tell us about how Bostonians chose to remember the Civil War.

Retouching History: In this essay Jerome S. Handler and Michael Tuite, Jr. examine how a photograph of Union soldiers taken outside Philadelphia in 1864 came to appear on hundreds of websites as evidence of black Confederate soldiers. [Note: The essay appears on this site at the authors’ request.