Over the past ten years I’ve delivered numerous presentations to a wide range of audiences. I’m enthusiastic and committed to delivering educational and entertaining presentations. I’ve taken part in numerous k-12 history teacher workshops, always with positive reviews. In addition, I’ve spoken at numerous Civil War roundtables, historical societies, and museums around the country.


  • Should Confederate Flags Be Allowed in Schools? Perfect for schools that are dealing with this divisive subject. This talk explores the history of the Confederate flag and how different groups of Americans have interpreted its meaning. This talk is highly interactive and offers the audience an opportunity to share their thoughts in a way that promotes open communication.
  • Assessing the Civil War Sesquicentennial: 2015 will mark the end of the Civil War sesquicentennial. Now is the perfect opportunity to begin to think about how our collective memory of the war has changed and where it might be headed. Perfect for Civil War roundtables.


  • Boston’s Civil War Memory
  • The Battle of the Crater in History and Memory
  • Confederate General William Mahone
  • The Demobilization of the Army of Northern Virginia
  • Military Executions During the Civil War
  • Hollywood Meets History: Thinking about the Movie “Glory”
  • The 55th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and the Pay Crisis
  • Confederate Colonel John Bowie Magruder, 57th Virginia
  • Massachusetts Veterans Reflect on Union, Emancipation, and Reunion
  • The Myth of the Black Confederate Soldier (current book project)
  • The Civil War Centennial and Sesquicentennial
  • Introducing the concept of historical memory in the classroom
  • Utilizing Social Media to promote historical understanding
  • The importance of Digital Media Literacy (accessing and assessing digital/online information)
  • Introducing primary sources in the classroom
  • Using Hollywood to Teach History (fact and fiction)
  • Connecting Students to Historic Places


“Now I know why he is asked to speak at so many conferences….  If you have a chance to hear one of his presentation, do yourself a favor and attend.” — Ed Norris, President of the North Worcester Civil War Round Table

“As a new teacher, I am still grasping how to teach using the internet.  This was very helpful!”

“Can’t wait to share this talk with my fellow teachers.”

“I have never had any formal training on evaluating sites – this was so helpful.”

“Fascinating presentation – will take a lot of this into my classroom.  Well done!”

“Kevin Levin was a good presenter who responded wonderfully to participant questions and comments.  This workshop will certainly impact how I use Glory and other movies in my classroom.”

“Entertaining and thought-provoking.  Let’s have more like this good give and take between presenter and attendees.”

Let’s Skype!  One of the easiest ways to connect Online is through Skype.  Over the past few years I’ve connected with teachers and students in high school and college classrooms across the country to talk about Civil War blogging and a wide range of subjects related to the Civil War era.  Schools include Virginia Tech, Skidmore College, Indiana University-Purdue University, and Marquette University High School.  Connect your students.

I’m happy to work with you on developing a customized program that meets your group’s needs. To get in touch, please fill out my contact form.  I will be speaking in the following places through 2015.  Let’s talk.