Abraham Lincoln

From the video description: For thirty two days, voices of veterans of the Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars animated a bronze commemorative statue of Abraham Lincoln that has stood silently in Union Square Park since 1870. The memories and feelings of ordinary Americans spoke through Lincoln as part of an outdoor public art installation by [...]

For a nation that prides itself as the leader of the free world, I've always found it curious as to why this day is not set aside as a national holiday.  On this day 150 years ago President Abraham Lincoln did what he promised he would do 100 days earlier by issuing his final Emancipation [...]

Over the weekend I took some time to answer a few questions about Steven Spielberg's Lincoln as part of a forum for the journal Civil War History.  The roundtable discussion that will come out of it will be published in the September 2013 issue.  One of the questions focused on the movie's connection to the [...]

As I did last year I thought I might give you a chance to share what you enjoyed reading in the area of Civil War history over the past year.  It doesn't have to have been published this past year and feel free to share something outside the field entirely if you feel moved to [...]

I may go and see Spielberg's Lincoln again later this afternoon.  Anyone want to join me?  :-) I've done my best to stay on top of what the Lincoln and Civil War communities have had to say.  Here is a rundown: Jon Wiener/The Nation Louis Masur/The Chronicle Harold Holzer/The Daily Beast & The Chronicle Nina [...]

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