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The “Baghdad Bob of the Civil War”

I want to preface this post by sharing that the response to the release of Searching for Black Confederates have been overwhelmingly positive. The pre-release sales far exceeded by expectations and I couldn’t be more encouraged by the responses I have received over email and social media. Last week I spoke at the Atlanta History Read more

The loyal slave/black Confederate narrative is an insidious myth. As I argue in Searching for Black Confederates, it reduces African Americans to caricatures and has long treated them as a means to an end in the development and reinforcement of a Lost Cause narrative that for a long time helped to maintain legal segregation and Read more

Start by reading it. I am happy to see that the book is shipping to those of you who pre-ordered it online. Though the official publication date is September 9, I expect that you will see it on bookshelves beforehand. It is encouraging to see people excited about finally having the opportunity to read and Read more

The latest issue of The Civil War Monitor includes and interview with me about Searching for Black Confederates. It covers many of the main points that I explore in great detail in the book. I will be doing a number of podcast interviews over the next few weeks about the book, which I will share Read more

Update: In 2010 the Georgia Historical Society dedicated a marker commemorating the 44th USCT and their treatment at the hands of Confederate soldiers near Dalton, Georgia. As Confederate officials in Richmond and citizens throughout the country debated whether to recruit slaves into the army as soldiers, black Union soldiers were being massacred on battlefields throughout Read more

There is nothing quite like holding a copy of your own book for the first time. Yesterday UNC Press sent along a single copy of Searching for Black Confederates: The Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth and it looks amazing. The cover art is stunning. I am still feeling overwhelmed over the fact that this book Read more

Here is a little taste of my forthcoming book, Searching for Black Confederates: The Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth, which was published last week at Smithsonian. I re-worked a few pages that focus on the role of camp slaves during the Gettysburg campaign. All too often we try to draw a distinction between the importance Read more