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I am currently making my way through David Blight’s new biography, Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom (Simon & Schuster, 2018). No, the book is not published. I just managed to get a review copy from the publisher. Blight is at the top of his game in this book so go ahead and pre-order your copy Read more

Update: My black Confederates manuscript should receive final approval from the board of directors at the University of North Carolina Press in the next few weeks. In addition, my proposal for a Confederate monuments reader, which I am putting together with Professor Hilary Green is now under review and has received a very enthusiastic response Read more

My reading has been all over the place of late. Some of it is related to a course on the history of disability in America that I will be teaching in the Fall as well as a trip to Norway and Sweden in June. I will have more to say about the class toward the Read more

I have officially run out of shelf space. More drastic measures to soon follow. Antony Beevor, The Fall of Berlin 1945 (Penguin, 2002). Barbara L. Bellows, Two Charlestonians at War: The Civil War Odysseys of a Lowcountry Aristocrat and a Black Abolitionist (Louisiana State University Press, 2018). Waldo Heinrichs and Marc Gallicchio, Implacable Foes: War Read more

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Congratulations to Andrew Bledsoe and Andrew Lang on bringing their forthcoming collection of essays one step closer to publication. Yesterday the editors shared the cover art for Upon the Fields of Battle: Essays on the Military History of America’s Civil War, which will be published later this year by LSU Press. This volume brings together Read more

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Yesterday I learned that Kentucky governor Matt Bevin plans to cut funding to the University Press of Kentucky this year, which would force its closure. I have enjoyed a productive working relationship with UPK for over ten years and would hate to see this happen. The press relies on a relatively small amount of funding Read more

Finished reading Gordon Wood’s new dual biography of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Can’t say I learned anything new, but it is a fast and entertaining read by one of the leading historians of the period. Caroline Fraser, Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder (Metropolitan Books, 2017). Jacqueline Jones, Goddess of Anarchy Read more