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James I. Robertson’s Confederate Monument Rant

Update: Check out this interview of Robertson by Peter Carmichael from this year’s CWI. It’s well worth watching. Pete did a good job of focusing Robertson on his work during the centennial as well as his many books.

Recently historian James I. Robertson delivered the keynote address at a symposium on the history of Civil War monuments and the current debate at James Madison University. As I suggest in the title, “rant” is a more appropriate characterization of his presentation. Continue reading

When It Comes to Monuments, Location Matters

This week I am in Washington, D.C. working with roughly 35 history educators alongside the incredible staff at Ford’s Theatre. We are exploring the history and memory of Reconstruction through a wide range of places, including monuments throughout the city. Yesterday we stopped off at the African American Civil War Memorial in the historic Shaw District. Continue reading

Leave the Confederate Monument Debate to the Third Graders

This story brought a huge smile to my face. In New Orleans a group of third graders was given the task of imagining a new use for the empty pedestals throughout the city that once featured Confederate leaders. The students were aided by 826 New Orleans, which supports efforts to improve students’ reading and thinking skills. The results speak for themselves. Continue reading

Conversation With Colin Woodward

The last thing I did before leaving Charlottesville, Virginia last week was sit down to record an episode of Colin Woodward’s Amerikan Rambler podcast. It was a pleasure to be able to chat with Colin in person and an opportunity to say thank you for his willingness to read and comment on a chapter of my forthcoming book on the history of Confederate camp slaves and myth of the black Confederate soldier. Continue reading

Return to Charlottesville, Virginia

Update: Here is a nice write up of my work with history educators in Charlottesville that appeared in the Daily Progress.

I’ve been very lucky over the past two years to have the opportunity to work with teachers and students all over the country on how to understand the current debate surrounding the display of Confederate monuments. However, other than a Skype conversation with a local history department in the days following the white nationalist rally this past August, I have not had the chance to visit my old home of Charlottesville, Virginia. Until today. Continue reading

Looking Beyond the Removal of Confederate Monuments

Earlier this week the Southern Poverty Law Center released an updated version of its 2016 report on Confederate symbols titled, Whose Heritage? The report and accompanying data is well worth reading. Make sure to download the data set, which includes a breakdown of Confederate symbols that have been removed over the past few years by state, county, and city. I was surprised by a number of their findings. Continue reading

How Would You Caption This Photograph?

Back in September 2017 the city of San Antonio, Texas removed its Confederate monument in Travis Park. It now looks like city workers are removing its base to make room for a new monument or something else entirely. It’s a striking photograph that is open to multiple interpretations, depending on your particular stance. Continue reading