“Confederate Kids Have No Rights The Courts Are Bound to Respect”

Today Chief Trial Counsel Kirk Lyons of the Southern Legal Resource Center announced that the Supreme Court will not hear a case involving Candice Hardwick, who ten years ago was sent home for wearing a t-shirt to school with a Confederate flag. He is apparently quite upset about the court’s decision given his firm belief…

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About that Flag In Front of the White House

Once again, Ta-Nehisi Coates nails it: It is the wisdom of the crowd that matters.┬áThe wisdom that marked Sunday’s crowd was the idea that the president “bows down to Allah” and needs to “put the Qu’ran down.”┬áThe wisdom that marked Sunday’s crowd was the notion that Obama was not the president of “the people” but…

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All Kinds of Irony

This photograph was taken earlier today in front of the White House. It’s a march of supposedly military veterans protesting the closure of the federal government. It was led by Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Sara Palin. And check out that Confederate flag. What is up with that design?