Robert E. Lee

Last night I attended the first session of UVA’s “Lee at 200” conference which will run through the end of October.  Each week a historian will address a different aspect of Lee’s life and legacy with a roundtable discussion scheduled for Oct. 31.  I am scheduled along with two other panelists to lead this discussion.  Read more

Celebrating Lee

I apologize for the numerous posts about Robert E. Lee our perceptions of Robert E. Lee.  In addition to having to rewrite parts of the Crater manuscript this summer I am collecting material for two upcoming conferences on Lee – one at UVa in October and the other I will announce soon.  This news item Read more

One of the most effective and enjoyable ways of studying Civil War memory is by looking at the various images produced at different times.  I tend to look at images not simply for what they are purported to be about, but as reflective of the artist and the time in which they were produced.  There Read more

Gallagher’s Lee

As many of you know I teach a Civil War seminar. The class is structured around two components, including research on the Valley of the Shadow as well as roundtable discussions of scholarly articles. This second component is very important as it teaches students to see history as more than just a collection of facts Read more

Civil War Enthusiasm

Why is it the case that a large percentage of people who claim to have had an alien abduction experience live in the West? At the same time, why is it that family stories passed down by a Confederate ancestor tend to involve some kind of meeting with Robert E. Lee? From the Fredericksburg Free-Lance Read more