The Learned Foot

I just came across a blogsite called The Learned Foot.  The site is maintained by Jennifer Goellnitz who is an Ohio-based attorney, runner, and Civil War buff.  I browsed her site and found it to be quite entertaining.  As I am also a runner I thoroughly enjoyed her reflections on jogging through Civil War battlefields.  I once jogged the Antietam battlefield in the middle of the summer — not a smart idea.  Brian Dirck (A Lincoln Blog) is also a runner and will no doubt find this site to be of some interest.  Jennifer also maintains websites on a few Civil War leaders, including A.P. Hill, Strong Vincent, and Dr. Hunter McGuire.  I don’t usually recommend websites, but these are filled with relevant material that can be used for research purposes.  You will find a link to her site in the right hand column.

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