William T. Sherman and George Steinbrenner: The New “Yankee” Threat

Here is a rather silly editorial from Anderson, South Carolina that I simply could not resist posting.  Seems that one John Brasier is concerned about a new round of Yankee invaders.  No, they are not Union reenactors or members of the northern equivalent of the Southern League (if there is such a thing).  They are fans of the New York Yankees.  It looks like Mr. Brasier has connected enthusiasm for the "Bronx Bombers" with Sherman’s hordes:

They’re Yankee fans. And they admit it! Actually, they seem to be proud of
it. They are everywhere. At the mall, in the work place, mingling with decent
citizens. Here in the birthplace of the Confederacy!
There are traitors and scoundrels in our midst in and
surrounding the Electric City. Fortunately, they’re easy to recognize. Just look
for the navy ball cap with the white interlocked "NY’’ logo on the front.

They spew sacrilege, praising "The Boss’’ and "A-Rod" out in the open with no
fear of reprisal. This week, they’ve been particularly obnoxious celebrating a
five-game sweep of the Boston Red Sox.

Sure, some are New York-area transplants. Their allegiance to the pinstripes
is understandable, if not unforgivable. Besides, we can identify them by their
Yankee accents and their preference for unsweetened iced tea

The pain of the past is apparently very much alive for Mr. Brasier:

Why hate the Yankees? Let’s start with the nickname.  The Yankees killed soldiers from South Carolina. They burned Columbia. After the
war, they came here as carpetbaggers. Then they came as obnoxious tourists in
Bermuda shorts, colored socks and sandals telling us how they do things up

Perhaps Mr. Brasier should look into starting a grass-roots movement to bring a professional baseball team to the Palmetto State.  He could then stipulate that all players and management must demonstrate a direct connection to a Confederate veteran. 

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  • Kevin Levin Aug 29, 2006 @ 5:59

    I am sure it is something as shallow as you suggest (LOL). Good luck getting started with the new school year and I hope to read a post from you over at Civil Warriors in the near future.

  • Brooks Simpson Aug 29, 2006 @ 2:09

    I guess it was beating the Braves in 1996 and 1999 that did it in for this fellow. Or maybe he’s a Clemson fan (nothing to brag about).

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