Gay-Straight Alliance on Campus

Not too long ago I commented on homophobia on high school campuses and my own thoughts about how to approach the issue on my own campus.  Well, I am pleased to report that this morning I attended the second meeting of the St. Anne’s – Belfield chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance.  We had ten students and four faculty members in attendance.  The group has already crafted a mission statement and even better, we are working on two programs.   The group is organizing sessions for Middle School students about the language of homophobia and the consequences of its use on campus.  In the Upper School we are planning to use one of our school forums (which take place on Thursdays to discuss issues related to school and world news) to discuss homophobia and the purpose of this new student-led group.

I felt energized sitting there with the students and teachers listening to their concerns and plans for the group.  I view homophobia as on par with the same kind of ignorance and hatred that define racism and working with these young people gives me hope that change is possible. 

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  • Kevin Levin Oct 16, 2006 @ 5:32

    Regardless of your view re: homosexuality there is the question of how students ought to relate to one another on campus. My view is that as a teacher we need to create a hospitable and safe environment for all students. The Gay-Straight Alliance does not encourage any type of sexual behavior; its focus is on challenging discrimination and more violent forms of behavior based solely on one’s sexual preference.

  • Anonymous Oct 15, 2006 @ 21:11

    Homosexuality is not normal behaviour.
    There is no need for an alliance of school children, only
    the thought that sexual matters are largely left to personal business not a public forum.
    children do not need to be involved except in matters of defense against predators.

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