I Am Being Honored

Today I learned that I am going to be honored by the Gettysburg Foundation.  As you can imagine this comes as a great surprise, especially given my stance on the recent debate between the preservationists and the casino.  I guess the board was willing to look beyond this.  The news  arrived through the mail.  The envelope reads as follows: "You have been nominated to be honored at the opening of the world-class Gettysburg National Battlefield Museum.  Please reply YES or NO in the next 7 days."  I’ve been the recipient of a few honors and awards for my scholarship, but his really takes the cake.  I still need to make a difficult decision involving how much money I will send the Gettysburg Foundation to verify my nomination.  I can send $32 and receive a reproduction of the Gettysburg Address or $63 and receive a DVD of the movie Gettysburg along with the framed reproduction of the Address.  I can also decline the offer by checking the box which states: "NO, I reject this nomination and don’t wish to help pass patriotic values to the next generation."  How could anyone nominated for such an important occasion even think about accepting this honor?

The verification of my nomination will include having my name "added and preserved for all time on the GETTYSBURG FOUNDING MEMBERS HONOR ROLL, displayed at the new Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center." 

They didn’t mention this in my letter, but I assume that I am going to have to prepare a few short appropriate remarks for the ceremony. 

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  • John Maass Jan 27, 2007 @ 16:22

    How much more honorable is it to give $120?!?!??!

  • Eric Wittenberg Jan 26, 2007 @ 20:35


    That must be quite an honor, because they want to honor me in the same way. I think each and every one of should give an acceptance speech. 🙂


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