No Meeting With Sons of Confederate Veterans: A Follow Up

There has been a great deal of talk in the Richmond newspapers surrounding negotiations between the Museum of the Confederacy and the Virginia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans.  Under the leadership of Brad Bowling the group proposed taking control of the museum’s board of directors as a way of beginning the process of addressing the museum’s financial problems and news that it is considering a move.  Before saying anything more I want to assure all of you that according to a reliable source the museum is not and has no plans to talk with the SCV. 

In a recent issue of the Richmond Times-Dispatch Bowling admitted that if they were given the opportunity to run the museum they would close the doors for six months, reorganize the staff (we know what that means) and keep the museum in Richmond along with its name.  He also took the opportunity to state openly that under new guidance museum curators would be prevented from creating exhibits that it believed to be "politically correct."  I assume the SCV would bring along their own "curators."  In other words, the museum would stop doing serious public history.  More to the point Bowling wants to turn the museum into a "shrine to the Confederacy" which he believes was the original purpose of the museum.  Notice the lovely religious overtones.  Families would gather inside the MOC not to learn about the history of the South, but to pray. 

It is important to keep in mind that not everyone in the SCV supports Bowling’s goals.  There are plenty in the rank and file who are quite content with the management at the MOC and its agenda.  It is important for these people to voice their concerns and try to reign in Bowling and others who are currently engaged in what appears to be a publicity campaign for the SCV rather than concern surrounding the MOC.  They may be doing more damage to the future of the MOC than they care to admit. 

Again, the important point for now is that the MOC is not and has no plans to talk with the SCV about any type of involvement in the management of its operations.

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  • Matt Mar 12, 2007 @ 10:29

    I noticed the “shrine” comment in the newspaper as well. I’ve actually never been to the MOC, but that’s a scary thought. Also, I think it’s ironic how concerned the SCV is with “political correctness,” without giving much serious consideration to “historical correctness.” I guess, as an organization, they’re simply opposed to correctness.

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